Halqa Arbab e Zauq 7, Islamabad

Ijlas 30 March 07
Taqreeb Mitti Aadam Khati Hay
23 March 07
Ijlas 16 March 07
khawb Saraiy.Tabsra Dr Anwar Sadeed
Rozan e Deewar on Mansha Yaad
Ijlas 2 March 07
Ijlas 23 Feb 07
Ijlas 16 Feb 07
Ijlas 9 Feb 07
Ijlas 2 Feb 07
Multan main Daman e Koh
Ijlas 26Jan07
Ameen Malik at Afsana Manzil
Tribute to Sharif Kunjahi in PAL
Yasmin Hameed Ki Doosri Zindgi
Qasmi Awards for Iftikhar Arif & Mansha Yaad
Meman Adeeb




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Mansha Yaad


Halqa Arbab e Zauq Islamabad is a purely literary Organization which is based in Islamabad.Its weekly meetings are held in Writer"s House of Pakistan Academy of Letters,Pitras Bukhari Road,Sector H-8,Islamabad on Friday evenings. Its membership is restricted to well educated persons with taste (Zauq) of literature & fine arts. There is no permanent president of Halqa but he or she is usually chosen in every meeting among the present participants.The Secretary & J.Secretary organize its meetings who are elected on yearly basis.However the meetings are open & there is no restriction to participate.
The reports with pictures of its meetings are uploaded by its founder member Mansha Yaad (www.manshayaad.com) regularly.The reports or pictures can be down loaded from its site for newspapers or for the literary or education purpose.You may see its Constitution and regulations at the Main site & you may also see all the reports and pictures in Main Site (http://halqa1.tripod.com).

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